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James Mrsa

A Note From The Exhibitor

Firstly, thank you so much for making it here. I am very humbled to have such a supportive community of people around me, a community that inspires me to keep pushing for bigger and greater things. Without these people, none of this would be possible so a big thank you from myself.

From a young age, I have always had an urge to get on a plane and travel as soon as I could. So, as soon as I finished high school, I got a job working in construction and saved up enough money for my first big trip. I travelled Europe for eight weeks, jumping from cities to islands in a matter of hours. I met so many beautiful people and experienced a massive culture shock as opposed to what I was always used to. After seeing different parts of the world and noticing how different it was back home in Australia, I felt this big urge to document my journeys as a way to show my friends and family. Taking inspiration from people such as Matt Komo, Rory Kramer, Jordan Taylor Wright, as well as my peers around me, that’s what I did. I invested in a GoPro Hero 4 and started making videos. It was there that the creative fire was lit, and since then, I’ve never looked back.

From then until recent years, I have been fortunate enough to travel through Europe, the United States, the islands of Indonesia and of course our own backyard, Australia. The flare for creativity only got stronger as the years went on, so naturally I kept updating my camera gear. Having started with a GoPro 4, I worked my way up over the years to now owning professional camera equipment that was used to capture the photographs you see here and the video content you see via my social media platforms.

As I began to navigate my early twenties, I struggled to find my direction. In recent years however, through my passion for creating and the feedback I was receiving, I began to find that elusive “why” I was searching for. My purpose on this planet is to use my creativity as a way to leave behind not only a legacy, but a positive impact on anyone whose presence I or my content am blessed with. On display within this website and my social media platforms are a collection from the summers in Western Australia, as well as the tropics of Queensland and various locations from around the globe. Each place captured within the photographs or video gave me a sense of motivation, a hunger to continue on this path and keep pushing the boundaries on what I can do. When you look at my content, I want you to have the same feeling. I want you to feel inspired, like you can take on the world and be something great. I want my content to light up your life whenever you need it, I want my content to be a shining example that anything is possible.

One last thing, I am a big believer that I am only as powerful as the circle standing with me. There’s countless people who have helped me get to where I am, whether you were just a short conversation that left me inspired, or you were someone that shared my lows with me that helped me become who I am, I want to say thank you. And if you’re new here, I really hope my content and the message I am trying to spread do the same thing for you as they have done for me. Love more, be kind and remember that the world is abundant, there is enough success for everyone out there.

I’m always looking for new and exciting opportunities. So let’s connect? [email protected].